Heike Forbrig-Demke – a graduated Visual Communication Designer & Creative Director based in Berlin. Specialized in tailored Brand Campaigns across the Fashion, Lifestyle and Real Estate Industries. Multi-disciplinary _ Campaign Content Creations, Visual Identities, Digital UI/UX, Interior Designs and Printed Matters. Former Head of Visual Communication at Liganova, Former Head of Graphic Department Nowadays and CoFounder CarDeRobe. Requests and Portfolio via Email / Linkedin.
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Studio N°SEVEN
C/O CarDeRobe
Ehrenbergstrasse 4 / 10245 Berlin

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C L I E N T     S E L E C T I O N 

Lifestyle & Fashion
Hugo Boss . Adidas . Levis . MTV . Diesel . 55 DSL  Mercedes Benz . H&M . KaDeWe . sOliver . Puma
by David LaChapelle .  Zalando . Iris von Arnim
Red Bull .  Bacardi .  Schweppes . Schwarzkopf . Audi
P&C . Michalsky . Oakley/Oakstore 

Interior & Real Estate
Ziegert Immobilien . TPA Berlin  . Primus Immobilien  Downtown Apartments . Vela Hotels

partially commissioned by Nowadays, Liganova & other
cooperation partners.